Auto Transport to Hawaii

The task of securing auto transport to Hawaii is easy when you contract with the right service to get the job done. Whether your car leaves the big island and you pick up the vehicle in San Diego or it is arriving in Hawaii from the mainland, R+L Global Logistics will connect shippers with the right carrier to handle auto transport.

Relocating can be challenging, especially when dealing with the logistics of auto transport to Hawaii. The journey from Long Beach, California to Honolulu, Hawaii is over 2,500 miles. Many worry about how long the trip will take, whether the car will be handled with care and the list continues. By contracting for auto transport services with R+L Global Logistics, all those questions will be answered by our team of professional agents.
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How Auto Transport to Hawaii Works

The distance between Hawaii and the U.S. mainland, which requires crossing the Pacific Ocean, means auto transport between the two is considered an international shipment. The Hawaiian Islands along with Alaska and Puerto Rico share the distinction of overseas shipping although they are a state or a territory.

We can provide a number of auto transport services including:

  • Port to Port
  • Door to Door
  • Port to Door

Don’t trust your car or other vehicles to just anyone. It takes knowhow and experience to navigate the process of auto transport. Once you are ready to ship your car to Hawaii, our team will help you with the entire process from start to finish. The auto transport service is vital to those leaving the mainland for a new life in paradise and for military personnel being stationed in Hawaii.

One of the first questions about auto transport to Hawaii is what is the cost of shipping. The cost of vehicle shipping varies depending on the port of origin and other variables such as quantity. If RORO (roll on roll off) service versus lift on lift off service can also impact the final price. Whatever the reason auto transport to Hawaii is needed, R+L Global Logistics can work to provide an inclusive quote to suit your timeline and other needs.

When you contract with R+L Global Logistics, you’re working with a partner who can provide multiple advantages, including:

Dedication to Customer Needs
Financial Strength and Stability
Flexible Services
More than 99% On-Time Delivery
Multlingual Specialists
Real-Time Shipment Visibility

R+L Global Logistics is well versed in auto transport services and working with a strong network, can provide competitive quotes and exceptional customer service anywhere around the globe. We handle auto transport not only to Hawaii but other international locations including Europe and South America.

R+L Global Logistics Makes Auto Transport Easy

As a family-owned company, R+L Global Logistics has the flexibility to cater to your auto transport service needs. In addition to auto transport, we are well positioned as a global transportation company with an extensive network of trusted carriers who can partner with us when the need arises.

Our mission at R+L Global Logistics is to offer customers simple and easy auto transport solutions. Taking a car to Hawaii is a big decision, but one that can be made easy with the right resources in place to handle the assignment.

Regardless of whether you need us to pick up the vehicle from your door or you will pick it up at the port upon arrival, auto transport to Hawaii is hassle-free and safe. Shippers can be confident that each vehicle will arrive in the Hawaiian Islands on time and ready to find all the scenic views. Call us at 866-322-1281 today or visit our auto transport quote page to get your vehicle on the move.

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